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Our mission is to further propagate diverse images through development of films and ancillary entertainment media which includes a presence on social media.

'Nother Brother Entertainment, LLC


Dankwa Brooks

Dankwa Brooks has been writing since elementary school when he used to plot and illustrate his own comic books. Though his writing received accolades then, it was not until 1993 that he considered writing as a career. That year, under his full name Donald Dankwa Brooks, he entered his first script into competition. Each year thereafter he submitted an entry into the Channel 2/Arena Players drama contest. This drama competition began in 1982 for African Americans residing in the state of Maryland. The winner receives $1,000 and has his or her entry filmed and shown on Channel 2 (Baltimore's ABC affiliate) during Black History month. His 1996 winning script Without a Doubt (1996) aired February 1996.


While a screenwriting student at Morgan State University in 1998, Dankwa won second place in Channel 2's contest with "Waiting To Explode". Then again in 1999 he won first place with Love, Rhythm & Blues (1999). That same year he transferred to Towson University, where he studied filmmaking. In 2002, Down with the King (2002) made Dankwa the first and only three-time winner in the contest's 20-year history.


Furthermore that year Dankwa attained his B.S. degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in film from Towson University. Since then he has continued screenwriting as well as establishing his own independent media production company 'Nother Brother Entertainment.

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Since college, NBE (‘Nother Brother Entertainment) President Dankwa Brooks has been working diligently on various media productions for NBE and others. The most current information is always on our blog as well as our various social networks




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New 2020


'Nother Brother Entertainment President Dankwa Brooks WON the Strayer University/Blackhouse Foundation Screenwiriting Competiton at the Sundance Film Festival. READ MORE on our Press Page 

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by Dankwa Brooks

Published: 03.03.03


by Dankwa Brooks

Published: 03.03.03

Three is the magic number when it comes to my writing career. Even though I started entering the Scripps Broadcasting drama competition in 1993 I didn’t win anything until my third entry Without A Doubt won first place.The Scripps Broadcasting drama competition, which started in 1982, is a writing competition for African-Americans living in the state of Maryland. The winner receives $1,000 and his or her entry is filmed and shown on WMAR-Scripps' ABC affiliate in Baltimore during Black History



Without A Doubt aired in February of 1996. In 1998 I won second place in the contest with my play Waiting To Explode. In 1999 I won first place again with Love, Rhythm, & Blues. That same year I transferred to Towson University from Morgan State University, where I studied screenwriting, to study film. In 2002 I won first place again with Down With The King making me the first three-time winner in the contest 20-year history.Though my writing has always received accolades it wasn’t until I entered my first script into the competition that I considered writing as career. My writing ability has also led to other writing opportunities like writing sentiments for the 2001 corporate calendar for Maracorp Ltd. In Spring 2002 I received my B.S. degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in film from Towson University. After winning the Scripps Broadcasting drama competition for the first time with my third entry; placed first three times every third year since 1996, 1999, 2002. I’d say that makes "3" definitely my lucky number.


*Bittersweetly Scripps chose to end the 20 year old contest in 2002 making me not only the most prolific, but final winner of the contest.

New 2019

All THREE of the films based on the scripts by Donald Dankwa Brooks are now on YouTube. You can WATCH them via the play list to the right.

It was the early 90's, an era where every brother was getting "on" in the movie business.


Spike Lee was just making his name really known, after having his first Oscar nominated film, the excellent Do The Right Thing.  John Singleton made history as one of the youngest directors to get Oscar nominated for directing Boyz N The Hood.  Similar movies by African Americans Menace II Society, Straight Out Of Brooklyn, Juice among others started coming out.  It was a new heyday for the black filmmaker. It was in this environment where an innovative brother such as I wanted to become a " 'nother brother" among the fray; hence a dream was born. I started by pursuing the immediate avenues open to me.  I knew that I had to get an education in film, first in order to apply my talents effectively.


I immediately decided to test my skills in a local contest for writers while pursuing my education. Throughout this time I kept steadfast on establishing my company dubbed 'Nother Brother Productions, and visualized it with a logo that has evolved to what it is today.

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